Service Level Agreement

Shared Hosting Uptime SLA

Shared hosting plans have an uptime SLA of 99.9%.  If at any point in a month, the uptime drops below 99.9%, credit will be applied in the form of a month of hosting for free.

SSD Cloud Hosting Uptime SLA

SSD Cloud Hosting (VPS) plans have an uptime SLA of 99.99%.  If that uptime SLA has not been reached at any point in a month, credit will be applied accordingly to your account for use with a VPS.

Dedicated Server Uptime SLA

We guarantee a 100% SLA for our dedicated servers.  Credit chart below:

Dedicated Server Uptime SLA Credit
99.9% Uptime 10% Credit
99.8% Uptime 20% Credit
99.7% Uptime 30% Credit
99.6% Uptime 40% Credit
99.5% Uptime 50% Credit
99.4% Uptime 60% Credit
99.3% Uptime 70% Credit
99.2% Uptime 80% Credit
99.1% Uptime 90% Credit
99.0% or Less Uptime 100% Credit

Terms and Conditions

  • First Choice Hosting offers SLA credits for use in future billing cycles only. SLA credits are non-transferable in any way.  SLA credits may not be exchanged for currency of any kind.
  • SLA credit is calculated from the time a ticket is opened regarding the issue to the time the issue is resolved.
  • Any Customer account not in good standing on payments is not eligible for SLA credit.
  • Any Customer account which has had been out of good standing on payments 3 times or more within 12 months prior to the outage is not eligible for SLA credits.
  • Any Customer server disconnected due to violation of the AUP/TOS is not eligible for SLA credit.
  • All SLA claims must be made with the billing department, and will be issued as account credits.
  • Any Customer making false SLA credit claims may be charged a £30 administrative fee per offence.
  • All SLA claims must be made within seven days of the network downtime. SLA credits may take up to 15 days to authorize, process, and post to the Customer account.
  • SLA credits may not exceed the full monthly amount of the server they are being applied to.
  • In no way does the First Choice Hosting SLA include software of any sort. Operating system reloads do not qualify in any way for an SLA credit.
  • Any failure outside of the First Choice Hosting network itself, including bandwidth carrier outages, are not eligible for SLA credit.
  • Scheduled maintenance of First Choice Hosting’s network is not eligible for any form of SLA credit.
  • Acts of God, including weather, natural disaster, or any other disaster outside of the control of First Choice Hosting are not eligible for SLA credit.